Thirty Seconds was set up in 2003. We believed that there was a need for a different kind of commercial film production company -

One that advises before starting producing.

One that is flexible and creative.

With this approach, we have won gold, silver and bronze awards as well as shortlist rankings in Cannes, London and New York.

Prior to founding Thirty Seconds, Thomas spent 12 years in various management positions in advertising agencies, e.g as a Management Supervisor at GREY. He was responsible for pan-European and global campaigns for clients such as Siemens, Nikon, Nokia and Vodafone.

„While working in advertising agencies, and with a background as a photographer and part-time filmmaker, I found a lack of flexibility and creativity within the established commercial productioncompanies. The initial spark for setting up Thirty Seconds was a campaign that we had developed at GREY for the first Nokia phone with video functionality. The proposal of the production companies was to shoot the films in high-end quality and then scale them back to authentic end-user quality on expensive machines. That's what I wanted to do better, and more efficiently.“