We love moving images.
Even if they are still.

We believe that in the long run people will go back to visual communication. Movies and images will become the most important means of expression.

In this context we support our customers with a visual package, from concept via production to post production. For still and moving images. We call it: full service visual content.




Film 3.0

We use a network of concept designers, scriptwriters and other creative professionals, and look back on 20 years of experience with large and small brands.

Even the most beautiful
pictures do not work
without a story behind it.

This is why we also develop concepts. For TV and cinema-commercials or corporate films as well as for web, product, exhibition or viral videos; plus for short and feature films.

We produce images. Moving and still. Including organising, scheduling, casting, location scouting and shoot.

And since a good film to 50% depends on the sound, we also produce the audio.

And the best stories
do not work
without great images.

Production technology has become increasingly easier and more affordable. Nevertheless, the visual result depends on the people who master the technique.

Even good books are not written because paper and pencils are cheap. This is why we place great value on specialists with the right background for each specific project. Either employed or freelancing.

Film professionals say
that every film is created three times.

Once while writing, once during the shoot and once in post production.

That is why our own post production studio is an integral part of our workflow.

We look after our productions from start to finish – including editing, compositing, visual effects and color grading,. This also includes the creation of 3D content and sound mastering.

In recent years, possibilities for the usage of film and images have grown intensely.

In addition to traditional and expensive channels like TV and cinema, a vast number of online and social media channels have evolved.

Also the possibilities for a more local use of visual content have increased significantly.

Due to the fractalisation of markets and target groups with changed media habits, these new communication channels have become compulsory.

Current and potential customers expect a multimedia-based presentation of the company and its products.

Websites and their content are increasingly turning into the first important customer touchpoint.

A film creates trust in a company, it answers FAQs, explains products or services and allows a quasi-haptic experience with a product. All of that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to advise you on your media needs.